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Throw It Back! 280 Project Enamel Pin

Throw It Back! 280 Project Enamel Pin

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Throw It Back! Enamel Pin
This pin is a design created by Two Eighty Project 

They are building community from the vine up
Follow on Instagram @280Project
$7 per pin sold is donated to them!

In 2019, Christopher and Jannea founded The Two Eighty Project to increase equity and diversity within the wine industry — and access to the spaces occupied by it. They began their work at Alemany Farms, a public park in San Francisco, originally dedicated to giving inner-city individuals the space to practice urban community gardening. As the nature of the space, industry, and city have grown increasingly exclusive, it’s become increasingly urgent to reclaim and revitalize them for the local community.

On Design "The image came about from drinking wine during pandemic and doodling thoughts. Throw it back was something I felt was swirling around on the internet and in black music. My oldest daughter would make me laugh trying to throw it back and I came up with this little twerking grape person. I felt like it made sense seeing as how one can throw a glass of wine back or ass if they choose. I sent the original image to Adam Vourvoulis of VDC wine in LA and they helped me add the color and lettering." 
-Christopher Renfro

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