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Earthquake Relief Sticker Pack

Earthquake Relief Sticker Pack

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The Earthquake Relief Sticker Pack 
On Feb 6, 2023, a 7.8 earthquake rocked southern and central Turkey and northern and western Syria. For weeks, constant intense aftershocks followed the main quake which was one of the strongest earthquakes to impact the Levant and was felt across the Eastern Mediterranean. Entire blocks of buildings collapsed resulting in thousands displaced in search of shelter and safety. The death toll was an estimated +58,000 dead in Turkey and +8,000 in Syria, a country that has already been suffering from over a decade of war. Unfortunately, the news cycle of today is relentless and this massive natural disaster has already been filed and archived despite the people still needing humanitarian aid, support, and compassion.
In an effort to make some contribution to our fellow humans across the world, Shitty Wine Memes has teamed up with Lebanese wine & hospitality creatives @farrahberrou of @b_for_bacchus , @the.entanese , and @aylamortada to create a sticker pack of each collaborator's individual style. Each pack includes 6 stickers and $10 for every sticker pack sold will be sent to Sawa For Development & Aid @sawaforaid
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Collaborator Bios
Farrah is a writer, podcaster, and Ancient World wine consultant based in Beirut, Lebanon. As the creator of B for Bacchus media company and shop, she focuses on telling wine stories from the "Ancient World" or the territory also known as the Eastern Mediterranean/Middle East/Levant/Fertile Crescent (the region's got many names, each with touchy connotations). She publishes on her Substack, Aanab News, and writes for other publications like The Wine Zine and Tim Atkin MW.

Rami is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Montreal. He uses history and research to further the development of his own cultural identity. Rami is also a young blossoming winemaker, focused on making wine using indigenous grapes/traditional methodology. He helped found Azkadinya, a cultural platform, and will be opening a restaurant in Montreal soon! 

Ayla is an illustrator and graphic designer, based in New York. Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, her culture and upbringing flow into her projects, bringing true depictions of the beauty and chaos of the region to life. Ayla gravitates towards food/beverage/music-related projects and does an excellent job celebrating said topics!

Sticker Pack Items:
By Farrah:
“Where are you really from?” is a not-so-covert way of pointing out that someone is different or doesn’t belong. They’re foreign and stand out. They’re clearly from some *other* place.

Even within Lebanon, the question is asked and evokes the same othering but on a micro level in a tiny country. When you ask “where are you really from?” what you’re really asking is: Which village are you from? Are you a refugee? What religion are you? What box can I put you in? 

In the context of wine, this loaded question’s answer can carry a lot of weight and not always in a good way. 

Like Cinsault through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. With all the catastrophes and loss of the last 3 years, the one thing that has been grounding throughout for me is that none of it is permanent. Happiness and pain are fleeting. Change is the only constant and there is no guarantee that that change will be positive, just different and inevitable. These truths can be sad yet comforting. 

This bilingual sticker features an hourglass made up of two overlapping wine glasses with “nothing is permanent” in English and “everything is temporary” is Arabic. 

By Rami:

A cluster of Syrah, held to the late summer skies of Edde, Lebanon.

By Ayla:
Check out more illustrations by Ayla at

By ShittyWineMemes:
Stave the Wine Barrel
Wine Possum! 
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