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Wine Geek of the Week Shawn Alexander

Welcome to the Wine Geek of the Week
Where I ask my favorite wine geeks shitty questions!
This week's guest is Shawn Alexander @shvwn_vlexander
shitty wine memes blog wine geek of the week shawn alexander
Tell us a bit about yourself. Why are you a wine geek?
I consider myself a wine geek because my years in the investment industry have influenced the way I look at wine; mainly like stocks. I'm always analyzing prices locally and online trying to find the outliers in wine regions and wines that overperform others at a given price point.  There's nothing fun about buying a $100 wine that tastes like it should cost $40. We all want the absolute best wine for the least amount of money and when I find the $40 bottle that tastes like it should cost $100+, I make sure that everyone knows! 
Extraterrestrials just landed on earth. What wine do you pour them?
Something that is impossible to hate -- Cru Beaujolais
What's your favorite scent you have ever smelled in a wine?
Northern Rhone Syrah always blows my mind. Smelling prosciutto in Jamet Cote-Rotie and granite in Lionnet Cornas did it for me.
Any favorite music or podcasts you like to listen to while you drink wine?
I definitely listen to a lot of Tom Misch. Specifically his album titled, 'What Kinda Music.'
If you could visit any wine region in the world right now what would it be any why?
Piemonte -- Because Nebbiolo and truffles that's why.
What do you think is the most exciting thing going in the world of wine right now? 
I think that the Natural Wine movement is incredibly exciting and is shaking up how we all think and feel about wine in general. Some are chuggably delicious and some not so much, but that's part of the fun in experimenting with new styles. As prices of the "Classics" in the famous wine regions continue to rise, I think that the young producers of Natural Wine have a real opportunity to win the hearts and palates of those who once felt that wine was too complicated to enjoy. Natty wine is here to stay.
What would you like to see in the future of wine?
Fewer and lower barriers to entry. I'm not sure how this hierarchical system came to be, but the inclusion of all and the willingness of those considered legends and pillars of the wine industry to mentoring and freely sharing critical information to those who are motivated to learn is crucial not only to the survival, but to the continued growth of this craft.
What advice would you give yourself looking back to when you first became interested in wine?
I would tell myself to try as much and as many different wines as possible. Don't get stuck on your favorites, because growth comes from experimenting outside of your comfort zone.
Who are some people that inspire you in the world of wine?
Brian McClintic without a doubt. I've always loved wine, but never thought to become a Certified Sommelier until watching the SOMM movies. I always connected with his particular journey in the movie and his motivations and just always thought he was a stand-up guy. He continues to reinvent himself and seems to never stop learning. His willingness to stand for equality last year and give up his Master Sommelier status,(something the world saw him work so hard for) cemented him as the GOAT for me.
Anything in the works you'd like to mention or promote?
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