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Wine Geek of the Week Kelly Mitchell

Welcome to the Wine Geek of the Week
Where I ask my favorite wine geeks shitty questions!
This week's guest is Kelly Mitchell @kellymitchellwine
Tell us a bit about yourself. Why are you a wine geek?
I consider myself a wine geek becuase I constantly find myself going down deep rabbit holes of wine information. I never stop at a surface level or superficial understanding of a wine. I investigate and try to understand a wine as thoroughly as possible.

Extraterrestrials just landed on earth. What wine do you pour them?
Champagne. Bubbles will probably freak them out!

What's your favorite scent you have ever smelled in a wine?
Rose petals in wine which often smells better than real roses because there's also fruit present.

Any favorite music or podcasts you like to listen to while you drink wine?
Many but I feel particularly relaxed when enjoyed wine while listening to jazz or any piano based music. The piano is my favorite instrument.

If you could visit any wine region in the world right now what would it be any why?
Burgundy. I love the wines from there so much, I have to get there one day, and hopefully will, soon!

What do you think is the most exciting thing going in the world of wine right now?
I think the breakdown of barriers and the level of connectivity and engagement is particularly exciting right now. Winemakers are connecting directly with consumers via virtual tastings, wine professionals from all areas are building cross country and cross regional networks. We are in one "big open room" right now with the power of social media and I love it!

What would you like to see in the future of wine?
More diversity in all areas of the business and more focus from wine marketers, retailers and wineries themselves on diversity and representation.

What advice would you give yourself looking back to when you first started working in the wine industry?
Just take the next step. The path is not going to appear clear.

Who are some people that inspire you in the world of wine?
So many but they are mostly women: Mathilde Margaine, Julia Coney, Alicia Towns Franken, May Matta-Aliah, Sarah Bray for starters....

Anything in the works you'd like to mention or promote? 
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