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Wine Geek of the Week Jamie Harrison Rubin

Welcome to the Wine Geek of the Week
Where I ask my favorite wine geeks shitty questions!
This week's guest is  Jamie Harrison Rubin @ordinairepierre 
Tell us a bit about yourself. Why are you a wine geek?
I was and always will be a geek first. As a child I latched onto video games and star wars and became obsessive. I did the same thing with film in my adolescence. When I got to wine I was an expert at ferreting out all the geeky things. I’ve used my naturally intense focus to learn all the dumb things about wine that no one really pays attention to.
Extraterrestrials just landed on earth. What wine do you pour them?
As the Knights who say Ni once said “Something nice. But not too expensive!!” No need for anyone’s first glass of wine to be grand cru burgundy. I think I’d probably grab some cali zin like Bedrock ‘Old Vines’. It’s full flavored and big without being overwhelming. I think it’s a great intro to wine.
What's your favorite scent you have ever smelled in a wine?
Roses. Nebbiolo is a true love. And, when I went to the rose garden in Portland, OR I could swear I was swimming in a bottle of Barbaresco.
Any favorite music or podcasts you like to listen to while you drink wine?
Blank Check with Griffin and David! I love listening to things that aren’t about wine while I have a glass. Music is tougher cause it might depend on the wine. But Etta James is an always fave.
If you could visit any wine region in the world right now what would it be any why?
Alsace. I just wanna eat choucroute and drink Riesling right now.
What do you think is the most exciting thing going in the world of wine right now?
It may be a bummer and/or infuriating. But I think we’re seeing evolution in the wine world stemming from victims of abuse coming forward. CMS et al may be slow to come around, but work is being done all over and we’re in the middle of a paradigm shift in our thought. Politics is the slow boring of hard boards. Patience is hard, but I, for one, am excited to watch us all grow.
What would you like to see in the future of wine?
More varietal diversity in California. Robert Parker is on his way out, let’s stop pulling up old vines, let’s stop planting Cabernet in dumb places. Also, real love for the Finger Lakes. These are world class wines and people need to pay attention!
What advice would you give yourself looking back to when you first started working in the wine industry?
Make time to travel more. You can take time off. Your boss will make it work. By far the thing that keeps me behind the most is that I haven’t travelled to Europe as an adult at all, let alone South America, New Zealand, South Africa, or Australia.
Who are some people that inspire you in the world of wine?
Morgan Twain Peterson of Bedrock for his geeky attention to history and devotion to old vines. Also Kelby James Russel of Red Newt Cellars for just generally being a geek and a good dude. Also the wines are dope.
Anything in the works you'd like to mention or promote? Include any website, social media, or info you want to share
I’m always excited about the work @sommation_live. Check me out live on Mondays and Thursdays!

I also just launched a podcast about pairing wines with movies. It’s called You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bottle and we’re available everywhere you get your podcasts. Check us out on IG and twitter @biggerbottlepod.
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