10 Pinot Noirs Shitty Wine Memes Likes

Shitty Wine Memes list of favorite Pinot Noirs right now

You may have seen this meme I made about Pinot Noir.

I decided to compile a list of ones I enjoy! It’s not all doom & gloom :-)

Here we go - in no particular order


1. Koehler-Ruprecht Spätburgunder Kabinett Trocken from Pfalz, Germany
Here is a photo I took of it with a cat in Germany. (PrädiCAT)

Winery Website: https://www.koehler-ruprecht.com/english


2. Nathan Kendall "Nathan K." Pinot Noir from Finger Lakes, New York 
Photo of it paired with a Pokémon on my IG page @wineandpokemon

Winery Website: http://www.nkendallwines.com/


3. Hirsch 'Bohan-Dillon' Pinot Noir from Sonoma Coast, California
Photo I took of a older vintage (on the left) next to some other tasty wines

Winery Website: https://www.hirschvineyards.com/


4. Foxen Pinot Noir from Santa Maria Valley, California 
Visited the winery, it was fabulous. Photo from that evening.

Winery Website: https://www.foxenvineyard.com/


5. Enderle & Moll Pinot Noir Basis from Baden, Germany
A shitty photo I got from an event where we drank it. (on left)

Importer Website: https://www.vomboden.com/growers/enderle-moll/


6. Trapi Del Bueno Hand Made Pinot Noir from Patagonia, Chile

An older photo with their chardonnay. They also make a great sparkling wine.

Winery Instagram: @trapidelbueno


7. Garganuda Pinot Nero Verona IGT, Veneto

Haven’t tried many Pinot Noirs from Italy. This one was nice

Importer Website: https://zrswines.com/wine-producer/menti-garganuda/


8. Whitcraft Pinot Noir from Santa Rita Hills, California

Photo from their tasting room. The person there was named Chris P. Bacon. I am not kidding.

Winery Website: https://www.whitcraftwinery.com/


9. The Eyrie Vineyards Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley, Oregon

Here is a photo I took in their tasting room a while back.
They also had some older vintages of wine to taste. Very cool!

eyrie tasting room photo in dundee hills

 Winery Website: https://eyrievineyards.com/


10. Domaine Michel Lafarge Volnay from Cote de Beaune in Burgundy, France

Here is a photo from a past work dinner where they let me pick the wine...
and I picked this haha

Winery Website: http://www.domainelafarge.com/

related meme:

I haven't tried many pinot noirs from Slovenia, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada (& more regions I may be missing out on that make great Pinot Noir) So apologies, those regions are not represented on this list

Comment any of your favorites :-)

Hope you enjoyed!

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