11 Substacks to Follow in 2024

As a new year begins, a lot of “In and Out" lists, 2023 wine news recaps, and reflections on favorite wines will flood our feeds. To embrace and get through the upcoming year, I've decided to highlight the writers in the Substack wine community whose posts I am looking forward to the most in the year 2024.

Here are 11 individuals in the wine space who I admire. Some I've known and been following for years, captivated by their writings and engaging social media content, while others are recent pages I have been introduced to that have quickly become favorites. Whether you work in the wine industry or just like wine, there is no doubt that we are fortunate to have these passionate individuals writing about it.

In no particular order

  1. Sipping Lovely by Dinkinish O’Connor

    “Because you love beautiful storytelling. Because you are looking for a fresh take on food and wine. Because you want to support black female storytellers with dynamic voices, who are passionate, raw, and real.

    Writing isn’t just a hobby I fell into. It’s my life.”

    -From About Page

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  1. Aanab News by Farrah Berrou

    “I see wine as my Trojan horse. It brings the complicated yet beautiful world that is Lebanon into the lives of people who were just looking for something to drink with their pasta. While wine is just an agricultural product, that's exactly why it's so connected to the backdrop that it’s cultivated in. The history, the people, the crises that suffocate Lebanon's day-to-day - all of that can be explained through this one product. There are multiple layers to understanding the country's and the region's situation today and wine is my excuse to talk about it with others”

    A snippet from Lift Collective’s feature on Farrah Berrou

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  1. Mas Vino Please by Andrea J.

    “Hi, welcome! Have you poured yourself a glass? Let’s chat about wine!

    I’m Andrea and I drink a lot of wine. If you also enjoy drinking unfiltered wine (yum!) and reading unfiltered commentary about it, then click subscribe. I’m sipping (natural) wine, reviewing, recommending, unpacking what ‘natural’ really means, and sharing cool wine events/people/things— so pour a glass and stay awhile!”

    -From About Page

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  1. Bright + Balanced by Chasity Cooper

    “My passion lies at the intersection of breaking down barriers when it comes to wine and telling thoughtful and intriguing stories about wine in general: how we engage with it culturally, where we engage with it, and more specifically, how Black and Brown people excel in the wine space. Ultimately, my goal is to make wine accessible and relatable to every palate through storytelling and cultivating spaces for people to enjoy wine and grow their community.”

    From chasitycooper.com

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  1. The Fizz by Margot Mazur

    Welcome to The Fizz by me, Margot Mazur. I’m a sommelier, a wine educator, and consultant. This newsletter mostly contains interviews with folks in the wine industry—winemakers, sommeliers, shop owners and employees, servers, farmers, scientists, and everyone in between. There will also be some deep dives into specific wine-related topics, such as under-represented regions, the history of American winemaking, a look into wine additives, and the technical side of preventing wine from turning into vinegar (wine nerd stuff).

    We’ll focus on topics pertaining to the wine world, from biodynamics to buying trends. We’ll talk through issues around diversity, farming and labor practices, grape genealogy, and so much more. I’m really excited to see this newsletter evolve and grow with you and your interests.

    From About Page

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  1. Not That Kind of Wine Mom by Caroline Lamb

    “Writing is an extension of my appreciation and enjoyment of wine and life; and like wine, I think writing is best when shared with good company. With that I welcome you my Substack. I am so very happy you are here.

    Wine has long been a conduit of joy, peace, exploration, and growth in my life. It is the lense through which I have learned about history, geography, culture, science, art, agriculture, hospitality, and most of all love. I write to share its unifying powers with anyone who cares to read.”

    From About Page

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  1. Métier, by Julia Coney

    “Julia Coney is a Washington, D.C. + Houston, Texas-based wine writer, wine educator, and consultant. Julia is also the Wine Consultant for American Airlines and founder of Black Wine Professionals.”

    Métier “An occupation or activity that one is good at. Thank you for reading Métier, a bi-weekly newsletter where I get the words, thoughts, and ideas out of mind and give them to you. Musings on wine and a whole lot more.”

    From About Page

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  1. The Digestif by Hannah Crosbie

    “My interest in wine was first piqued when I was serving it at restaurants while at university. I had a burgeoning interest, but not much money to spare, I didn’t know where to go to seek out the hidden gems, and learn more about the world of wine. It seemed very far out of reach, as I imagine it does for a new generation of drinkers who are looking to get into wine, but feeling a bit costed out of a potential lifelong passion.

    That’s why this substack exists, a weekly column where I select the best bottles from your favourite supermarkets, bottle shops and importers. Tie your napkin ‘round your neck, cherie, and I’ll provide the rest.”

    From About Page

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  1. Being Franc by Allison at Cab Franc Chronicles

    “Hello friends! Welcome to Being Franc.

    After 3 years of Cab Franc Chronicles existing almost exclusively on Instagram, I wanted to find another space to share my love and passion for Cabernet Franc - in written form.

    Here you can expect weekly writings from me on all things Cabernet Franc. These may come in the form of producer and/or regional profiles, new discoveries, what’s in my glass, and even the odd existential ramble or two - I’m not really sure.

    This place serves as a space for me to continue this journey and grow the conversation on Cabernet Franc. I’m excited to continue to share my insights and discoveries, and look forward to learning from you.”

    From About Page

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  1. Contadina by Sarah May Grunwald

    “I am a wine and travel writer based in Lazio, Italy. I write about natural wine, intersectional feminism, permaculture, and bees.”

    From about Page

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  1. Wine is Confusing by Kara Daly

    “Wine Is Confusing is a shared sentiment among beginners and experts. My work embraces the confusion, mystery, peculiar science, and shape-shifting truth that threads the history of wine. I believe it is from here that we can speak most clearly about our beloved little potion, with an attitude of humility and invitation to anyone with a question.

    I don’t teach wine, I teach the exploration of it.”

    From About Page

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Ready or not… here we go 2024!

Hope you enjoyed the list

Will continue my Shitty posts on here and wanted to share pages I have enjoyed reading. 

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