Hospitality and Wine Consulting


Hospitality and Wine Consulting

Description: Kidstuff Hospitality founder Jamie Harrison Rubin has led a varied and sometimes bizarre career. He has studied biology, worked as a puppeteer, and produced a short film, among a host of other random endeavors. His passion for beverages and hospitality is by far his most enduring pursuit.

As a result of the particularities of the Philadelphia market and Jamie's own lofty ambitions, his wine expertise has grown up around his operations acumen. In his time managing restaurants, his title was most often General Manager/Beverage Director. He believes this not only gives him a unique understanding of the financial pieces of a business, but how those pieces fit together in an operational space.

Jamie is an Advanced Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers. He’s been awarded a Best of Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator. Restaurants he’s managed frequent the Best of Philadelphia list, the Eater 38, and receive high ratings from the Inquirer’s Craig Laban. He also understands production, having taken part in several harvests, most recently at Red Newt Cellars in Hector, NY in 2020. He is a founding member of Sommation Live, an online wine marketing group consisting of 8 high level sommeliers living around the USA. His byline has appeared in VinePair and he’s been mentioned in Fortune. He also co-hosts a podcast called You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bottle about wine and movie pairings.

Jamie’s passion for great beverages is outshone only by his joy in great service. Great experiences are made by people, after all. He believes that presentation is just as important as quality.

This brings us to Kidstuff Hospitality. Jamie’s mother was a puppeteer. She worked for a few notable NYC theater companies in the 70’s and 80’s eventually founding her own one-woman show, Kidstuff Puppets. She passed away in 2012. It is in her spirit of whimsy, frivolity, and joy that Jamie takes the name for his own.

Kidstuff Hospitality is a company founded to work with great people who create great products and to help them present these products in a way that reflects their inherent quality. Jamie’s philosophy of Profitability Through Hospitality leads to a healthy business with satisfied, returning customers. Based in Philly, Jamie serves the mid-Atlantic region and beyond.


Operations analysis and overhaul
The sometimes-overlooked details including physical plant, inventory systems, POS optimization and much more can lead to higher profitability with small investment. Any look at the operation should include online presence as well. Recommendations for SEO, website architecture, and social media presence are valuable tools to increase your presence in the market.
Staff training
Your front-facing staff is the key to your success. They need to be able to relate with a broad swath of the public to effectively create enthusiasm and sales for your product. Training can include simple daily best practices. But is most effective when combined with knowledge of world beverage history and trends as this leads to meaningful dialogue with customers.
Management program creation
Your manager should be equipped to handle any issue that arises with little or no direction from ownership. Management programs help in setting expectations and resolving issues quickly and completely. Training for existing management is included. Jamie encourages ownership to be involved as well.
Beverage Program Development
Whether you’re a restaurant or beverage maker, Jamie is available to help guide your program. His years writing lists has given him unique perspective on profitable programs. He can add insight to your production lineup, write a short list of other local producers to spotlight in your tasting room (depending on your particular state laws on the subject), or create an entire restaurant beverage program complete with inventory procedures and training material.

Packages are as unique as each business. Call or e-mail to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs. 

Location: East Coast, USA

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Phone: (215)354-6183

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